About us

Data City Leeds is a platform run by ODI Leeds the regional node for the Open Data Institute, ODI Leeds is a non-partisan Company Limited by Guarantee operating as a not for profit organisation committed to making data free and accessible to anyone. This project is supported by a wide range of organisations who all have an interest in the success of our region from councils to SME’s to Corporations.

If you would like to join in and support please contact us using this form.

We know that our region is amazing, we want to make it easy for the rest of the world to see that too. The data city will develop an ever growing database of the assets in our region and build data visualisation tools to help visitors to the platform understand the strengths of our region. We will use this to attract inward investment, create opportunities, create jobs and drive economic success.

What’s next?

Right now we need you to tell us what you are doing, register your organisation, project, people, skills or whatever you think is an asset to the economy of Leeds.

We’ll be looking keenly at the information we receive and will be thinking about and developing tools that allow us to see the stories contained in the information you provide. We’ll then be building curated homes for that information that help us and the outside world understand all of the great things going on in Leeds.

What you see today is just the first step, we’re keen to constantly evolve and want to hear your ideas about how we can make this work hard for Leeds.

Any datasets created here will be presented back to the Leeds Data Mill.

So what are you waiting for, tell us what you’re up to here.